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Secondary Glazing Installation Steps
Installation Step 1 Installation Step 2 Installation Step 3
Measure the height and width of your window recess Select one width kit and one height kit to the nearest longer size Cut the outer tracks to size. No mitred corner are needed

Installation Step 4 Installation Step 5 Installation Step 6
Screw the tracks to your window recess now measure for glass Obtain your glazing material
Lift the panes into position to complete the installation



DIY Secondary Glazing Suppliers UK

Maintenance FREE
Reduce Noise
Eliminate Draughts
Increase Security

Reduced Heating Bills
Easy to Install
Low Prices
Designed for DIYers!
Step by Step Instructions
Add Value to your Home
Commercial Use

Will Not Discolour
FREE Mainland Delivery
Manufacturers Guarantee


We are suppliers of upvc secondary glazing kits and aluminium secondary glazing kits to diy and trade. All of our diy secondary glazing kits are delivered nationwide, complete with step by step instructions.

Our diy secondary glazing kits include upvc vertical sliding secondary kits ideal for sash windows, upvc horizontal sliding secondary glazing kits, aluminium horizontal sliding secondary glazing kits and aluminium hinged pane secondary glazing kits.

Our upvc vertical sliding secondary glazing is ideal for sliding sash windows, our aluminium hinged pane secondary glazing is ideal for hard to reach or smaller windows which aren't opened much and our upvc and aluminium horizontal sliding secondary glazing is designed for the wider window styles.

Secondary glazing has many benefits including reducing noise ideal if you live near a busy road or in a city centre, secondary glazing is excellent for eliminating draughts which in turn will save you money on your heating bills and secondary glazing also gives you the benefit of added security. Our secondary glazing system is maintenance FREE and just requires a quick wipe down from time to time.

Our diy secondary glazing is easy to install as it has been designed for the DIY market, and is supplied with a step-by-step installation instructions. You do not have to mitre the corners - they are just straight cuts!

Our secondary glazing kits are easy to select - just select one width kit and one height kit then add the price together. We also supply 4mm perspex plastic sheets for glazing our secondary glazing kits or alternatively you can source upto 4mm glass locally.

All diy secondary glazing kits are delivered nationwide FREE OF CHARGE (UK Mainland) usually delivered direct to site within 7 days.







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